Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back to Work and Shrimp Cocktail

Today was my first day back at work after 9 days off. It was busy and by the end (I work a 9 hour day) I was pooped. Then we had to go grocery shopping. Now relaxing and watching Friends season 7.

1) Back to work today. I work at an apartment complex and part of my job is answering the phones. People were crazy today! Lots of silly calls.

2) For my lunch break I went to my favorite restaurant here in Austin and ate a huge meal! It was wonderful!

3) At lunch I also read my book. I'm reading Last Witness by Julliane Hoffman. Its a trilogy and its so good! Very intense, I'm on book two now.

4) My boss is having a baby and today we found out it was a boy. I looked up some adorable baby patterns. I'm going to knit a little cardigan!

5) We had to go grocery shopping today. Lame! But we got a pound of shrimp cocktail and thats what we had for dinner. Easy, no cooking required, and it was amazingly good!

6) To go with the shrimp I made cocktail sauce. My first time doing it and that was also very good.

7) Lauren Conrad is on the cover of People Style Watch and she looks so classy. I love her, huge lady crush! All the other girls are dressed like hoes but not LC!

8) Dustin and I are currently snuggling the puppies and watching Friends season 7. Its the episode where Monica and Chandler get married!

9) I like to have some hard candy with me in my purse for work mostly and I finished them up today so at the grocery store I found Wherther's Caramel Apple candy! Its sugar free so I can have them! Going in my bag for work tomorrow!

10) Tomorrow corporate is coming so I have to dress super nice. I've already picked out my outfit, makeup, and accessories. Also I picked out my lunching spot. Dustin is going to join me :) I like when he comes to lunch with me. We actually work across the street from each other. I can see his building from the front door of my building.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It's Hot and We're Out of Food

So today I'm not doing much. This is my last day off before I jump back into work and its 1000 degrees outside (not really but its real hot).

1) Waiting for Dustin to come home and have lunch with me. We have no food so not too sure what we're going to eat...(update: we ended going to a sandwich place for lunch)

2) The puppies have been sleeping all day long.

3) Just for funsies I am going to tour a fancy apartment complex thats new and on a lake here in Austin. It looks insanely pretty.

4) Might film today too. Need to get back on that. I have two requested videos I'm working on.

5) I had coffee with my friend Danielle. She's a new friend but I seriously have a lady crush on her! We had coffee and breakfast at Whole Foods. Yummy!

6) The CD player in my car is on its last will only play CD's every twentieth time you put it in. Annoys me. Next car I am getting will have an aux in it.

7) Kinda feeling like I want more coffee. Hold on, BRB.

8) Got it! I feel better now :) I really need to paint my nails, yikes!

9) Every time I try to type Tobbs keeps grabbing my hand away. Guess he's not feeling blogging today. (video of this is up on my instagram page @candicemagen)

10) All I really want to do it knit and watch Friends (I'm on season 7!)

11) Its so stinkin hot today! Sheesh Texas!

12) Jeopardy is on! I love this show!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Memphis Moments

This Thursday - Sunday Dustin and I were in Memphis visiting family.

1) I ate honeydew for the first time in like a year and it was glorious!

2) We boarded the dogs and I cried...again when we dropped them off. I miss them when we leave.

3) I didn't drink ANY coffee for three days. I'm still shocked that I survived that long without it. 

4) Bought some new clothes while I was there. Went to Ross for the first time, I like their clothes!

5) My mother in law had Biolage shampoo and I used it and fell in love with it. My first day back in Austin I went to Ulta and bought a big bottle for myself. The smell sticks in my hair for days. My pillow now smells like it too. 

6) While I was gone my Warby Parker at home try ons came in the mail. I think I'm sold on a pair of them. They're a little cat-eye like and almost a red color. Ha! Make sense...?

7) Another food thing I did for the first time in years, I had pizza! Also, we went to P.F. Chang's and I had lemon chicken...WHOA! Loved it. In the airport on the way back I got me a Haagen Dazs coffee milkshake! I cheated on my diet but man was it worth it! 

8) I brought an Escada Cherry in the Air perfume sample with me on the trip. I can't decide if I like it on me or not. I have two samples of it. May give one of them away.

9) We played Pinochle with Dustin's parents. That's always fun. Lost every game but I really enjoy playing it still!

10) While driving back toward Dustin's parents house from downtown Memphis I accidentally took us to Mississippi. Ha! Oops! I hadn't been before though so I got to see a new state!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Collection Review: Foundations

This is the second video in my collection review series. Next one is concealers so watch out for that one!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Makeup Pairings: Foundations and Powders

Hey guys, this is the video to accompany the blog post I did a few weeks ago.

This is a video on my favorite ways to pair my powders and foundations. Im doing another pairings video very soon. Thinking about mascaras or lip combos. Which would you guys like to see?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Small Haul

Picked some things up recently from Sephora, Ulta, and Walgreens. If you want to see anything reviewed let me know.

Favorite Face Pairings: Foundations and Powders

So I noticed recently how when I use certain foundations I mindlessly reach for particular powders. I thought I would share those pairings with you guys. Let you know what about the pairings helps give the best finish and lasting power. Also I go into how I apply both the foundation and powder. I have three to tell you about.

My first pairing is for an everyday kind of look. More natural, not too matte, and quick to apply.

I really love the look of the Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation with the NYX stay matte but not flat powder foundation. If you tilt your computer/screen you can see the sheen of the powder. Its so pretty. Definitely adds a little something to the foundation. Such a pretty finish. Very natural and both are very easy to apply. I use the Real Techniques Expert Face brush to blend the foundation and the Real Techniques Powder brush to set the foundation with the NYX powder. I get 8-10 hours out of this pairing on my oily skin.

The next pairing is for a bit more coverage. Its a very matte look and it'll stay all day (12-14 hours) on oily skin.

I love the Revlon Colorstay for combo/oily skin. It stays forever and I really love the coverage. It covers just about everything. I use under eye concealer and a little concealer on blemishes but redness is easily covered. It makes your face pretty much blanked out. I really like the Maybelline Dream Matte powder with it because it helps keep your face matte and its a tinted powder so it adds a bit of color back in. This is a trusty combo. This is my I-need-my-makeup-to-last-all-day go to pairing. If you have oily skin give this combo a go. I apply this foundation with a Real Techniques Stipple brush. It helps with hiding pours and building up the coverage where you need it.

The last pairing is super crazy full coverage for when you need a 'new skin' look.

If I'm having a terrible breakout I reach for these. The Tarte Maracuja Miracle Foundation is a bit yellow toned so it works very well for concealing the redness that blemishes cause. Also its so full coverage that you can use it as concealer, even under your eyes. This foundation has a pretty dewy finish. Being that the foundation is so yellow toned I like to use a tinted powder that helps it look more natural. The L'oreal Infallible powder is so nice. Its so smooth its almost creamy. It has a very matte finish and since the foundation is dewy I like to use this powder to set it so that it looks more matte. I'm not a dewy foundation lover. This combo doesn't last terribly long on oily skin but it does a great job at hiding everything. I use a Real Techniques Stipple brush that I spray with a little water. This foundation dries very quickly and can be a bit tricky to work with so a damp brush makes it easier to blend in. This gives me a 5-6 hour face. It will last longer on normal or dry skin.

Hope this helps you guys with foundation and powder recommendations. If you want to see any of these combos in a tutorial with pictures tell me which one your interested in and I'll be sure to do it. What are your favorite foundation and powder pairings? Share in the comments. I'll be doing more posts on mascara pairings, lip pairings, and eyeshadow pairings coming up.